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Anker 3ft PowerLine+ Lightning Nylon Braided Cable, Apple Mfi Certified - Red, A8121H91

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Anker Powerline cable is compatible with most devices that have a USB port. This cable is certified by Apple and is compatible with Apple devices. A8121H91 Powerline Plus Anker A8121H91 PowerLine Plus cable is designed with the latest technology. The Anker cable is designed of high quality material which enables the cable to last for a long time. The cable provides you with a secure and fast charging method for your USB-compatible devices. In addition, the cable provides you with an amazing charging speed, which means you will spend more time using your device than the time it will need to charge. A8121H91 Powerline Plus + Anker A8121H91 PowerLine is certified by Apple, which means that it will ensure complete charging for Apple devices. Key Features Compatible with: Mobile phones Type: Cables Weight: 17 g Dimensions: 0.508 * 1.016 * 89 cm Cable length: 3 feet Unmatched power Anker Powerline cable has a dual outer layer of nylon that prevents the cable from tangling. Both laser-mounted conductors and the reinforced internal part made of aramid reinforce the cable's carrying strength. In addition, the lightning cable comes with enhanced pressure points, providing the cable with a carrying capacity of up to 6000 pints. This cable has greater carrying power than other lightning cables. High speed data transfer Anker Cable is the ideal choice for fast and secure charging for your device. The cable has an easy-to-use design that lets you insert the lightning connector into your device in any direction. This cable provides you with tremendous charging and transmission speeds for all types of smart devices.
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