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Canon EOS 750D - 24.2 MP, SLR Camera, Black, 18 - 55mm IS STM Kit

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The CANON EOS 18 to 55mm IS STM 24.2 MP DSLR camera takes photography to a whole other level. This camera makes it possible for you to shoot pictures and videos with professional quality. It gives you the highest standards with amazing technology so that you get only the best. The method of operation of this camera is simple and can be easily mastered, leaving you with only one job: being creative. Pamper your creative side with this camera that gives you the lease to do so. No more struggling with the handling, as this work of art has a body that can be used even by those with small hands. It has a low weight, so you don’t tire holding it up when waiting for your subject to get into a position you deem desirable. You can even shoot videos in Full HD resolutions that are ridden with details and sharp. These videos stay true to life and are beautifully bright. Capturing fast moving subjects with blur free precision in no longer a mean feat. This camera features a 24.2MP CMOS sensor that makes all the products of your creativity shine. The camera also features a 3inch monitor that frames your capture perfectly, so you know exactly what you are capturing.


Physical Features


24.2 MP

18 to 55mm STM lens


Full HD videos

Optics and Focus


The CANON EOS 750D comes with a powerful 18 to 55mm STM lens that gives you a great picture every time, thanks to its astounding focal length. This lens has a wide aperture range that lets you shoot in almost any lighting condition. Whether you’re looking to capture the dark magic of the dusk or the revitalizing beauty of dawn, the ambient light is never too much or too less with this camera. This lens makes capturing razor sharp pictures a common occurrence on this camera. This camera is equipped with the Hybrid CMOS AF III focus system, that ensures precise automatic focusing. The camera is capable of recognizing up to 19 individual focal points within a frame.

Sensor and Screen


The CANON EOS 750D is equipped with an effective CMOS sensor that is highly sensitive. This sensor is a 24.2MP unit and ensures that you get high resolution pictures and videos. This sensor doesn't leave a single stone unturned when giving you pinpoint precision when it comes to accuracy of detail, sharpness, and contrast. It produces images of professional quality and with a high resolution. The high standards of clarity are maintained when it comes to video recording too, and what you receive are videos that reach Full HD resolutions. This camera possesses a 3inch monitor that gives you vivid and sharp representations of your frame, so you know exactly what you’re about to capture.

Image and Video


This CANON EOS 750D camera stops at nothing in giving you the perfect picture. It is equipped with cutting edge technology that renders optimum performance so that you get only the best. Capture images at high resolutions and with perfect details. These images truly capture the essence of your pictures with photographic brilliance. You can also record Full HD videos at high resolutions. It supports video recording in MP4 and HDR formats. It also gives you a number of automatic shooting modes for ease of use. Choose from the various modes for a personalized touch. You can shoot at a speed of five frames per second in the continuous shooting mode.

Other Features


This superb camera comes with a number of unique features that make everything so much easier. It features the Flicker Detection technology that makes all your pictures look neat and crisp. This camera has compact dimensions and a low weight; both these aspects make the camera comfortable to hold and handle. It has built in WiFi support for easy sharing. You also have the latest and cutting edge NFC technology that lets you connect your camera to any other NFC enabled device with just a touch. This is a wireless, quick, and simple way to transfer data.

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