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Corset to hide Alkrhh dissolve and lose belly fat

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Corset to hide Alkrhh dissolve and lose belly fat



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Specification of belt to flatten the tummy and melt the fat- Eliminates unwanted cellulite
- Helps to eliminate the effects of pregnancy and childbirth
- Better to hide contouring under the dress and clothing
- Stately and elegant design
- You can use it while sitting or watching TV or while you work
- Fits several places for the body to use (the abdomen, hips, thighs) and wherever you like
- Stimulates fat burning and helps to output stored them
- Helps the digestive system to relax
- Stimulates circulation and makes you feel warmth and heatProven to help reduce fat and cellulite.
Effective when you wear under clothes and doing housework everyday ordinary.
 Loss of inches around the waist when wearing it directly directly
The possibility of wearing the belt during daily activities or exercise.
I use the belt for a slim waist for as long as I wanted him always.
Ideal for walking and jogging, cycling, aerobics, weight lifting and much more.
Wear while exercising or working.
Made of neoprene and nylon grade.
Designed on the basis of three-dimensional sewing technology, maintain Alyovdil support during movement conditions.
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