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Battery Operated Water Pump WP 9405

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20 SAR
“2”D” size batteries will last for 8 to 10 months .( based on 5 gallons per week usage) able to gallons (1.000 liters) when used continuously. Children, seniors and adults can easily use the pump .Easily installed and used at home, restaurant ,office, hospital, party, etc. Applicable in liquids with low viscidity , such as sport drink, alcoholic drink ,etc. In addition to water. Usable with many lemonades types of container. Adjustable the bottle cap according to the depth of the container. Power: 2x”D” size dry cell batteries Flow Rate: 0.9-1.0 gallon/min(3.5-4liter/min) Material: ABS, PP Cold/Hot temp: 32 f(0 c)/140 f(60 c) Directions for Use: Unserew the cap on the pump handle and insert two “ D “ size batteries into the handle in the direction indicated by the ( ) and (-) marking . Remove the tube cover cap and attach with fastener top bottle neck , after adjusting with the bottle cap to height of container .Be sure keep suction tube cover ¼” to ¾” above the bottom of container. Snap on the discharge spout to the discharge hole on the frame of the pump . Turn on the switch and the water will flow , turn off the switch to stop. when used for the first time let water run for 30 to 60 seconds to clean out pump .
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