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Battlefield Hardline by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4

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Battlefield Hardline PS4 game offers fresh, fast and intense vehicle gameplay. This PS4 Battlefield Hardline game offers excellent graphics. Live out your criminal and cop fantasy in Battlefield Hardline by Electronic Arts Open Region. It combines an emotionally charged story with intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield and setting that give a feel of a modern television crime drama. In the single-player campaign, you will play the role of a young detective, Nick Mendoza, who embarks on a cross-country feud to seek revenge against once trusted partners on the force. In multiplayer, you will hunt criminals, raid vaults, and save hostages in new criminal and cop-inspired modes like Rescue and Heist. This game offers a wide array of urban environments that are modern, and all highly destructible. Lastly, the high-grade weapons, intense gameplay and dramatic crime drama storyline will give you an incredible playing experience.

Battlefield Hardline PS4


In this Battlefield Hardline PS4, you will have to play the role of Nick Mendoza and carry out his journey of seeking vengeance to once trusted allies. Take down enemies before they execute their destructible missions. In this game, high-grade vehicles and weapons are at both parties' disposal, which makes the game more exciting and fun. Furthermore, the Special Response Units are equipped with tasers and handcuffs to execute arrests.


Use new tactics to obtain warrants, gather intel, and takedown with non-lethal force to make the arrests. Take control and secure the cash in this immersive battlefield playground. Fulfill your need for speed in exciting, action-packed modes that make for a fluid and intense gameplay. Ride sleek bikes or hop in powerful muscle cars or even give your whole team a lift in armored trucks or transport. This PS4 Battlefield Hardline game features a Heist mode, in which criminals will try to break packages out of vehicles and bring it to extraction points. Furthermore, the Blood Money mode is a race between is a race between groups to recover money from open crates. The Hotwire Mode is an iconic chase between the police and the criminals. In the Rescue mode, the SWAT and police race against time to save hostages from criminals.

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