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Bestway pool for children - Elephant playground 168 x 152 x 65 53034

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Inflatable children'spool with an elephant's trunk Bestway is a proposal to cool off on hot days.Inflatable playground designed for children toplay fantastic. On the playground, you can play on dry but also wet. The kit isdesigned so that you can pour the water and play in the splashing and jumping,and additional attractions in the form of splashing trumpet ivory please everysmyka.To the pool, connect the garden hose from thewater to the elephant could squirt water. Child by the feet or hands pushing onthe middle of the pool pillow, which pumps water to the elephant's trunk.Inflatable playground is made of PVC and has a pleasant color scheme, makingchildren even more fun to spend the time to play. Pool has an air chamber,further protected against the escape of air outwards.Technical data- Dimensions of the basin 168 x 152 x 65 cm- Vinyl wall thickness of 0.22 mm- 135 liters capacity wells

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