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Beurer Baby Scale body weight machine - JBY 80

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He Beurer JBY80 baby weight machine is part of the Janosh by Beurer baby care collection, made especially for weighing babies. This electronic scale capacity is 20 kg. The curved weighing platform with safe, non-slip rubber feet features a large easy-to-read LCD display with a digit size of 23mm, auto switch-off, tare weight function, auto and manual hold function ideal for recording the weight of wriggling babies, a maximum weight capacity of 20kg which can be displayed in either kg, lb, oz and comes with a selection of colorful Janosh character stickers so you can customize your scales to suit you and your baby.With all Beurer scales, you can be assured that they have been made to a high standard, with safety, accuracy and value for money in mind. Beurer are health and wellbeing specialist with nearly 100 years’ experience whom have become well-known for their high-quality German engineering, hence why they are the current European market leader in weighing scales as well as many other product related categories. This is due to a strong focus on internal research and development, therefore making Beurer one of the most recommended full-line providers in the health and wellbeing industry today.Beurer Baby Scale Features:

  • Large LCD display
  • Change over to kg/lb/st
  • Curved weighing surface
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • 20 kg capacity (44 lb/704 oz)
  • Auto and manual hold function
  • Auto switch off function
  • Janosh stickers

  • Product: JBY 80
  • Product name: Baby scale
  • Color: white
  • Switch-on technology: Button-on technology
  • Graduation / load-bearing capacity: 5g/20kg
  • Automatic switch-off: yes
  • Kg/lb/oz conversion: yes
  • Product dimensions: 550 x 310 x 53 mm
  • CE: yes
  •  The Beurer JBY80 weighing scale is perfect for keeping track of your baby's weight which is crucial to their health. Knowing whether there gaining or losing weight is critical to identifying potential diet and lifestyle changes that may need to be made and may even help you to identify a medical condition that needs prompt attention. The Beurer JBY80 baby weighing scale is inviting and easy to use with a contoured surface to hold and protect your baby and a digital LCD display for easy measurement reading.Weight measurements can be set to display in your choice of kilograms, pounds or ounces, whichever is easier for you to read. We all know that babies love to squirm and babies who aren't feeling well are no exception. The Beurer JBY80 baby scale was designed with a special 'Hold' feature. The scale will attempt to take a measurement but will not show an actual weight on the display until the baby is still for few moments. Simply place your baby on the scale, attempt to pacify him and record the weight after the word 'Hold' appears on the screen.

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