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BHM Hot Air Gun - BH1850

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Hot air heat gun from BHM has two variable speed modes. This electric heat gun is compact and lightweight so that you can use it conveniently. The BHM BH1850 Hot Air Gun is the ideal tool for stripping paint, removing decals, stripes, shrinking wire wrap, and much more. It flaunts a compact and lightweight construction, which makes it easy to handle. Also, this tool is durable and sturdy, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its making. Furthermore, this 220V hot air gun delivers a stunning performance. It features two-speed blower setting so that you can set the speed according to the type of material you are working on. What’s more? This hot air heat gun features a ceramic or mica core that protects the heating element and provides it a longer life. For maintaining precise temperature, this machine uses thermocouple control. This BHM hot air gun is the perfect addition to your household workshop's tool kit.BUILT TO PERFECTION

This hot air heat gun is sturdy and lightweight. With an extremely compact and lightweight design, this device is perfect to be used in cramped spaces. This heat gun will last for years, thanks to the robust and long-lasting materials using in its making. Also, its ergonomic design provides maximum thermal protection while in use.POWERFUL PERFORMANCE

This electric heat gun features two-speed settings, which makes this hot air gun easy to use and precisely adjustable. It has a ceramic core that protected hot air gun can work with has infinitely variable temperature control that can be adjusted minutely if necessary. The temperature of this tool ranges between 300 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius. It can be used for stripping paint, welding and bending plastics, general drying, soldering pipes, shrinking PVC, and thawing purposes, etc.

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