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Coco Noir by Chanel for Women - Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

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Coco Noua's fragrance is a charming word that will inspire your senses. Buy Coco Nouala perfume now to show uniqueness in your personality. The Coco Noa fragrance from Chanel was launched in 2012 by Jacos Bolgi and Christopher Childraik, and is a unique combination of wood, resin, flowers, spices and fruits that together form a mixture of joy and sensations. Coco Noua's fragrance begins with ingredients of fruits and flowers, which include grapefruit and bergamot as top ingredients, followed by medium components of roses, daffodils, rose petals and jasmine. At the base of the fragrance you find a warm and enchanting combination of tuna, sandalwood, flannel, patchouli and white musk that envelops you in a long aura of excitement and refreshment. Coco Noel Perfume For Women Upper components Coco Nouala's fragrance starts with a rich blend of grapefruit, bergamot and oranges, which together create a refreshing expression that surrounds you with a vibrant aura that lasts long with you. Coco Noel Perfume For Women Central components Coco Noua's fragrance is characterized by its sweet, innovative expression of jasmine, daffodil, garnium and peach, which together create a flowery, rich and enchanting fragrance at the same time. Coco Noel Perfume For Women Components of the base At Coco Noula Perfume, you will find a combination of tuna, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and long-lasting, bold and warm aromas of fragrance.
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