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Dancing Twist Waist machine

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Dancing Twist Waist machine
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Dancing Twist Waist machine has as many good exercise effect as aerobic, treadmill and stepper the waist-twister also gives benefits of abdominal motion, waist stretching and intestinal exercises. The total-body exercise equipment Twist run by induce to aerobic exercise is plus a fun, enhance a balance sense, no noise and shock, and can be used in a small space. When exercisers roll their feet on the machine, the Dancing Twist Waist machine moves up-and-down twisting right-and-left. Exercisers can repeat these motions naturally using their arms and shoulders to balance. Exercising on this machine will help in Losing Excess Waist fat. Regulate the nervous system Promote blood circulation Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis It is not difficult to use the product but at first there should be some kind of person helping, Speed up the pace when skilled. Massage dot three-dimensional design, stimulate acupuncture points and promote the blood circulation Use of High quality spring, high elastic no deformation, surface paint, not easy to rust. Bold stainless steel tube, anti-press ability is strong, no Deformation. Wear resistant non-slip mat, security and stability, no sliding. Inbuilt Music to enjoy the exercise while you lose those extra waist fat.
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