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Hisense 50 Inch Full HD LED TV - N50D36

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Specifications The brand Full HDD type The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 Display Type read more the description: Stay away from reality with this great TV that gives you a full HD presentation for whatever you want to enjoy the types of content you prefer. The design of this device is characterized by its black frame the measuring light size of 50 inches, which is suitable for your large living room. You can easily set the TV on any flat surface using the rack that comes with your device. In addition to a high quality entertainment experience, this device will be a great addition to your living room. The device works with the backlighting technology that gives you high-quality images that are breath-taking, environmentally friendly and do not consume too much energy while working. Enjoy high-quality visuals and beauty with this slim design TV, which defies and exceeds the limits of standard TVs. With 1,080 horizontal lines, you can enjoy crystal-clear images with vibrant 1920 x 1080 pixels that will make you feel as if you're part of the show you're watching. Body structure Physical Features Key Features 50 inches the hands feature-1 This powerful device comes with a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature. This feature enables you to record the TV shows you want on the memory connected to the device via the USB port. This feature does not affect the sound and picture quality when recording the program. Direct program quality. This great feature lets you not only watch your favorite TV shows, but also turn off the TV show when you want. The device is also equipped with a USB digital player gives you the flexibility to enjoy the content, whether music or even high-definition movies, easily as soon as the memory or hard drive connected directly to the device. In addition, the device supports an additional number of connectivity options that enable you to connect your external devices to your TV with ease. feature-2 With such a high-quality visual display, it was necessary to pay attention to the audio display accompanying the show that you would like to enjoy, so the device is equipped with high-definition speakers and precision that enables you to enjoy all the details of the audio in the show you want to enjoy, Or even a movie of your favorite movies. With such headphones, you can enjoy an unparalleled home theater experience with friends and family.
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