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Juco Angle Grinder - JA164

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The Juco angle grinder is immersed in innovation. It is designed to meet the full-fledged grinding requirements of the user. This tool is supported by a powerful motor that tends to run the grinding process with maximum power to help the user achieve optimal results in time. Furthermore, the high-quality components of this tool are guarded by the Aluminum gear housing technique, thus preventing any damage and ensuring the incredible durability of this tool. In addition to this, the Juco angle grinder also sports a well-mounted spindle lock that facilitates easy disc replacement, thus adding to the convenience of the user. Also, the integrated multi-position handle enables the user to operate this tool from any of the two positions, as per their comfort. The rich user experience is further enhanced, thanks to the slim body design sported by this tool as it lets the user have a firm grip on the tool. This leads to achieving accurate results. The use of safety guard in this tool also enables the user to have a safe experience. Thanks to the straightforward functions, the Juco angle grinder is very easy to use. It does not demand extensive maintenance either. This machine is also very easy to carry and thus helps the user to meet various work requirements at other places.

Juco angle grinder


The Juco angle grinder represents advanced grinding technology. At the forefront is the high-quality Aluminum gear housing technology, which strives to shield the components of this tool from any damage. Furthermore, this tool sports a sturdy spindle lock that enables an easy replacement of the disc.

Juco angle grinder


The Juco angle grinder also tends to provide great comfort to the user, thanks to the excellent design of this tool. The slim shape of this tool ensures that the user gets a strong grip on the tool for accurate results. A multi-position handle is also added to the design of this tool to enable the user to handle this tool from any of the two positions to ensure maximum convenience.

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