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Kenwood 1.6 L Jug Kettle - White, JKT689

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Kenwood Electric Kettle has dual water windows with cup measurements. Buy this Kenwood kettle at Make your favorite cup of hot beverage with the efficient Kenwood JKT689 Jug Kettle. It is easy to plug wherever there is an outlet, and you can carry it anywhere. This cordless kettle can be placed on the counter, kitchen table or just about anywhere. It has a mesh filter that traps the limescale and prevents it from entering your drink. The said mesh filter can be easily removed to keep the kettle clean on a regular basis. This kettle has dual windows that enable you to check the volume present inside the kettle and monitor the process in real time. Available in an elegant white finish, Kenwood JKT689 Jug Kettle has a 1.6L filling capacity.


Kenwood 1.7 L Jug Kettle Physical Features


Mesh filter traps limescale

Cord storageSpout design

Dual water windows

Hinged locking lid

Boil dry protection.

Kenwood 1.6 L Jug Kettle


This Kenwood kettle comes in an array of features that make it very easy and quick to use. It has a spout design that allows easy filling and perfect pouring of water. The mesh filter of this kettle is removable for quick cleaning and maintenance. An illuminated on off switch allows for easy operation. The dual water windows with cup measurements enable you to fill the right amount of water accurately.TAKE IT ANYWHERE

The power cord of this Kenwood electric kettle attaches to a separate power base, so you're not restricted by the length of the cable when pouring and filling. It is very useful when your power socket is in an inconvenient location.

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