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Kit Chain Saw - JA175

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  • The Kit chainsaw eases the process of cutting timber and steel to a great extent. It features the variable speed function to match the needs of a task. This machine can easily cut through many types of materials and leaves behind a sharp finish. The powerful 1250W motor exerts tremendous force to enable the tool to cut through effortlessly, thereby saving a significant amount of time. Furthermore, a blower is integrated into this tool to help the tool get rid of dust after the sawing process. The Kit chainsaw comes with a premium-quality rubber handle for a stronger grip on the machine to attain accurate results. This chainsaw is made with high-quality components that enhance the durability of this tool. The Kit chainsaw is also very easy to use, thanks to the straightforward functions. This tool is also very convenient to carry and requires low maintenance and storage space.

    Kit chainsaw


    The Kit chainsaw sports a robust 1250W motor that bolters the sawing process and enables this machine to cut through different materials like timber and steel effortlessly. The variable speed control feature allows you to use this machine as per your requirement. The well-designed blower of strives to keep this machine free of dust during and after the sawing process.

    Kit chainsaw


    The Kit chainsaw is designed with high-quality materials that tend to prolong the lifespan of this machine. The rubber grip handle ensures that the user gets a good grip on the machine, thus helping them to achieve the desired results with incredible efficiency and accuracy.

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