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LG 42-Inch Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV [42LA7400]

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the description: Great performance and good design LG TV looks great on all sides Stylish and compact design ..... It's the perfect complement to the effect of brilliant images from LG. Body structure Physical Features Key Features 42 inches HDMI the hands Browse Channels Intuitively Smart TV. Inspired by you Magic Remote is a simple and fun way to pick and choose what you want to watch. Just set and press the buttons, or you can use Voice Mate to identify the voice that can recognize your speaking style, talk to it in your own way To change the channel, edit the audio or access the contents of your device from different technologies such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube directly from your TV. Now, you can spend less travel time and enjoy more time on your entertainment. Connect with Friends and Family using Skype Stay in touch with Skype With a built-in TV camera it's easy to stay in touch with friends and family through Skype. And, with a large screen it is easy for several people to join the same conversation. Wireless Internet connection and subscription may be required and sold separately. The content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice. Enjoy 3D Movies at home Enjoy the most beautiful features and applications Do you want a 3D view like cinema and theater? Lightweight glasses, 3D effects and great photos? LG's 3D Cinema TV can bring you all this in your home. Enjoy easy-to-use, high-quality 3D glasses with great 3D effects - this is what you'll get with the 3D LG movie experience. Amazing 3D glasses Easy to share, you will definitely love it With LG 3D Cinema Glasses, it's easy for you at any time to share brilliant 3D images, without the need for batteries, reflective, low cost, just like those in the cinema, allowing users to bring family and friends at affordable prices. Includes 4 sets of glasses. Endless 3D content Unlimited 3D content Do not worry about the lack of any 3D content! 2D LG TV can automatically convert 2D and 3D presentations and movies to 3D Luxurious design Elegant design The LG Cinema screen offers a sleek design and looks nice when turned on or off with a very high frame. See for yourself! Amazing Sound Quality Sound incredible Rich voice, clear with Voice 2.1 technology. You can experience great sound with a powerful subwoofer, adding depth and vitality to all your favorite programs. Take fun movies with you to your home. Enjoy high speed scenes Get sharper scenes Watch high-speed sports, video games and high-definition games without any blurry images with TruMotion 240Hz technology from LG. Now your TV can match the scenes that move faster. Superior Display Double the details This stunning picture is the main reason why you want to own an HD TV with nearly two-fold pixels of clarity, high-definition television gives you the quality of 1080p pixels of HD video than HD TV standard. You will see details and colors unprecedented. Advanced Audio Improves sound Whether sound clips, movies, sports or games, Smart Audio automatically adjusts the sound so that you can get the full effects of dramatic moments in a movie or hear the calls in your favorite game. Energy Star rated by US agency. The most energy-efficient TV in 2013 This LG TV was certified by the EPA and the ENERGY STAR Award was awarded the most efficient TV in 2013. Products that are recognized as the most efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2013 prevent greenhouse gas emissions through performance levels and energy efficiency Minute set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Perfect Click Get the perfect picture Get your own photo standards updated with on-screen update elements such as black level, other colors, color levels, sharpness and backlight levels. Make adjustments to images with Simple to use. It's not magic but it looks like it. Saving Energy and Money Intelligent but energy-saving With Energy Saving, you can save money and energy. Measure Capability Motion Detection 960 The MCI measures more than just the motion rate to know exactly the level of ability to deliver clear and crisp images. MCI's refresh rate factors, the XD triple engine and backlit technology measure the extent to which our TVs can display fast motion pictures such as motion movies Video games or sports games.
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