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LG 55 Inch Full HD Smart OLED TV - 55EG9A7V

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Specifications Brand G Smart TV Version of webOS 2.0 operating system Remote Control read more the description: Upgrade your entertainment system with the LG Smart OLEDTV 55-inch LG Smart OLEDTV. It is designed with great precision and care and blends easily with any home décor to give it a distinctive appeal. The LG Smart TV features a large 55-inch screen and OLED technology that displays each image with incredible detail and incredible clarity with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. The Ultra Surround surround sound system with the 2.0 Ch speaker system offers superb audio output and amazingly pure sound quality that will certainly fascinate your senses. LGD TV features many advanced technologies that help provide an amazing viewing experience. Resolution Upscaler Technology improves the full-HD display technology while the color control engine makes the image more immersive and vibrant than ever before. In addition, LGD TV supports voice control that allows you to interact with your TV with just your voice, saving you the hassle of entering long-time text. The Shift Time feature lets you record live presentations or videos on an external hard drive so you can watch them at your convenience. LG Smart TV has three HDMI ports and a USB port. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, making it ideal for sharing your data and communication needs. Key Features 55 inches OLD FL HD Smart TV WebSpace 2.0 Very thin as a blade Billion color rich Great view LG 55-inch TV LG HDTV with a 55 "FHD HD screen gives you bright, sharp images with 1920 * 1080 pixels resolution The rich color-rich features of Billion enable more control over color accuracy, providing unprecedented levels of color and amazing detail The high-resolution Resolution Upscaler Technology automatically optimizes the number of pixels for low resolution or low-quality images and videos to high-definition FHD, ensuring an amazing, durable viewing experience Color Master Engine adds more depth and depth to images, making each scene more vivid and more immersive than ever before. True Color Accuracy uses advanced color rendering and encoding technology to give you rich, vibrant images Amazing output quality LG 55-inch TV You will certainly be amazed by the powerful 20 Watt Down Firing Speakers and hold your breath with rich, high resolution, vibrant sound output Ultra Surround surround sound with the 2.0 Ch sound system allows you to enjoy immersive audio output, giving you a sense of what you like from the cinema, and you are at home perfectly Contact options LG 55-inch TV Three HDMI ports provide an easy and direct way to share your mobile screen such as tablets, game consoles, etc. with your TV screen Three USB ports allow you to transfer and access content stored on flash drives such as the Drive-Pen Drive, Hard Drive, and more. Wi-Fi 802.11ac ensures a stable and direct connection to the Internet Bluetooth connectivity lets you share photos, videos, music wirelessly, and much more with your TV Great advantages LG 55-inch TV The WebOS OS 2.0 provides a simple user interface, making this great device easy to use and operate The Voice Recognition function lets you change channels, access various websites, and control TV with just your voice Time Shift lets you store your favorite sports videos and movie clips on your hard drive so that you can watch them later Miracast lets you share your smartphone, tablet or PC screen with your TV wirelessly
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