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LG 70 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV - 70UH635V

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This LG TV is an ultra-slim 70-inch LCD TV. Its elegant design adds to your space an elegant touch that fits well with your home décor. HD Super offers bright, ultra-sharp images on a high quality display. This makes the TV viewing experience more realistic. To that, the Prime Prime Pro technique offers a strong enrichment of atria. The Ultra Brightness feature provides higher picture contrast and color fill using the 3D color gradient algorithm. The surround sound technology moves from the speaker channels to capture possible sound quality. This TV works through the Star Center processing unit to operate on the Web OS OS 3.0. Allows you to run on the Internet every time. Important TV with another major feature This TV supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and it also eases the Internet browser. Moreover, this is for this TV. This TV also has voice recognition that converts speech to text. It also has other important features such as support for HDMI and USB. The HDI Semplink enables the Xpert multimedia devices to play through the wonderful playaza. Key Features Screen size: 70 inches Type: Smart TV Display Type: LED black color Unmatched visual pleasure LCD TV with high image quality 70 "HD LCD Monitor Accessories Fully bright images that do not materialize with precise sharp colors with details of losses are obtained by HDR Super Manually technique all of Prime Pro enrich An algorithm that sets the 3-D color gradient reduces the color distortion to a minimum to provide an image image quality The Ultra Brightness feature offers a clear contrast between the dark and light parts, ensuring a good, natural image Great sound LCD TV with high image quality Precision Ultra surround sound technology of superb sound quality Smart Audio mode enables the TV to auto-adjust for optimal sound settings The Magical Audio Tuning feature uses the microphone on the remote control to adjust and confirm the sound of the TV with the room environment Smart and simple LCD TV with high image quality Enjoy the OS Web OS 3.0 running two channels at the same time Music can be played to the TV and played even while the TV is turned off. Strong Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for digital content access Web can be used over the preferred web
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