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Loz 5356 Baby Potty - Multi Color

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Now, potty training your little one will be a hassle free affair with the comfortable LOZ Baby Potty 5356 toilet seat with stairs. Getting used to a regular toilet might be a task for your child because of his or her height variations. With the helpful toilet ladder chair, your baby will adapt to going to the loo by himself. The flexible chair can be easily placed on the toilet and allows your child to use it whenever required. The colorful baby potty toilet seat is will be indeed a fun experience for the precious one. Along with a Nonslip handle, anti skid feet and seat, the potty trainer is secure to use and is a must have for your kid.CHILD FRIENDLY TRAINING SEAT

The baby potty toilet seat is specifically designed keeping in mind your child’s safety. Compatible with ordinary toilets, it features a seat that is adjustable to different heights of children. The stairs of the durable ladder comes with wide steps, which is safe for your baby to climb without the fear of slipping or falling. It also has a Nonslip handrail that provides support to your little one while doing his or her business.ENHANCED SAFETY

The toilet ladder chair has stable anti skid feet that holds the seat firmly at a place and does not move easily. The lightweight potty seat is secure as it is skid resistant and will help your kid to climb up and down the ladder with much ease.EASY TO SET UP

The flexible toilet training seat is foldable and can be set up in few minutes. The parts can be assembled and disassembled and thus it becomes easy to arrange the seat.

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