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Meatball Maker Pro

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If you love the great tasting meatball, you can make it in the old way but With this new meatball maker, the best easy way to shape, stuff and seal 4 delicious stuffed meatballs in once, it's so simple. If you try to make stuffed meatballs without this, there're going to be a big mess, and you're going to to become a master meatball chef, cooking anyway you like, it's perfectly sealed, it's simple fun, create your own. The diameter of the White is 5.5 cm, diameter of the big red is 5 cm, and the diameter of the smaller red is 4 cm. SpecificationsMaterial-ABS PlasticSize-Meatballs Maker 26.5 (L) ×20 (W) ×1.5 (H) (CM) InstructionsPress meat into a pocketFill in the stuffingPress At the top to sealIt will make four large stuffed meatballs every time. Package includeMeatballs Maker ×1

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