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طابعة إتش بي ليزر جت برو MFP M127fn ‫(CZ181A) - أسود

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699 SAR
This printer is a practical and fully equipped machine for several functions such as printing, scanning, copying, faxing and printing reports. This printer is equipped with laser technology to print papers with high quality and accuracy up to 600 × 600 dots per inch. The speed of this printer is 21 sheets per minute and the paper prints within 9.5 seconds. This printer prints 8000 pages during the month, so there will be no more time for maintenance. This printer has a screen to display the text you want to print, plus a screen with automatic controls and 3 lights. This printer is equipped with a 600 GHz processor and 128MB internal memory for outstanding performance. This printer features a 150-sheet drawer and input to allow you to print 100 sheets of paper. With E-Brent technology, this printer supports Apple devices through the Air Brent feature. This printer is equipped with an Ethernet port at the SBS 2.0 port. This printer is environmentally friendly and productive at the same time plus it's energy-saving. You can set up this printer in minutes and start printing immediately using this great printer. With this printer you can save time and paper so that you print the paper on both sides at the same time. In addition, this printer allows you to automatically save 35 pages to save time and print faster. Secure connection You can share data with everyone via the Ethernet connection option. This printer allows you to print from your smart device, using the application of any Brent Fast. In addition to the possibility of printing from anywhere through the use of Air Brent technology, which operates the Apple
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