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Nikai 65 Inch UHD Smart 4K UHD65SLEDT

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the description: Sit and relax and enjoy the show on Nikky Smart TV - UHD65SLED1. It features a stunning 65-inch screen with 4K resolution to provide you with clear, crisp images while the 5-watt built-in speaker offers you high-quality stereo sound. Nikky TV features a 4K frame with a very high frame that fits in any room with ease and gives a touch of elegance and appeal to the decor. Moreover, the TV works on the Android 4.2 user-friendly operating system, which provides access to a number of applications and games, making it a great choice for daily entertainment. This Nikkei 65-inch TV is equipped with Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB ports and SD card slot to meet all your communication and data transmission needs. With sleep timer and auto-off function, you can rest assured that your TV will not affect your electricity bills much. In addition, Nikai's smart TV also allows you to record live videos on an external device so that you can watch them later as you wish. The 65-inch large screen offers vibrant, vibrant colors to give you a real-life experience. The 5-watt amplifier provides a powerful, clear sound that will fill any room. Enhanced performance strength Android 4.2 provides an easy-to-use interface and offers a wide range of innovative applications that will keep you entertained. SmartShare allows you to connect your smartphone, laptop, tablet, camera or USB device to your TV and display all the contents of your device with audio, video clips and pictures on the screen. Sleep Timer automatically puts your TV into sleep mode, if left unused for a long time, helping you save money from monthly electricity bills. Auto Shutdown feature allows the TV to be placed in standby mode, if it continues for several hours without any input by the user, thus preventing high temperature. The Change Time function lets you record live videos to an external storage device for viewing at a later time. Multiple connection options Built-in Wi-Fi provides fast and fast Internet access. With DLNA, you can play movies, music and digital photos from a storage device connected to your home network to your smart TV. The speaker port allows you to insert headphones or earphones for a unique listening experience. The USB 2.0 port and the USB 3.0 port allow you to connect cameras, flash memory modules and other compatible devices. HDMI input port to easily share screen space with external devices such as monitor, laptop and more. The SD card slot provides an easy and straightforward way to access data stored on your SD cards.
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