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Nokia n230 - 2.8 Inch, 16MB RAM, GSM, Silver

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The Nokia 230 has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transfer. The phone has a very easy system which makes the experience of using it a smooth experience. A simple way of working, a set of features and a strong design, the Nokia 230 phone is all you need to get an amazing user experience. The handset has features such as a 2 megapixel front and rear camera, allowing you to capture your most beautiful moments without interference. The phone uses the Series 30 Plus operating system, which makes the screen easy to use and arranges applications in a way that makes it easy to access them. Your Nokia phone can store your favorite content with a 32GB micro SD card. This handset has a sleek design and attractive white color. It has a non-slip design and light weight, making it very easy and comfortable to carry. the structure Key Features 91.8 grams 1200 mA amp Rear camera 2 megapixel Front camera 2 megapixel camera 2.8 inches 16 MB RAM A smooth way of working The Nokia 230 comes with the 30 Series Plus, giving the device an interactive interface with fast access to the applications you use most. You can open any application and perform several tasks at high speed without any confusion or delay. Insert a microSD card to boost your storage capacity to 32GB, allowing you to store many personal data. This phone has a 1200 mAh battery, providing you with 23 hours of continuous calls, 52 hours of music and 528 hours of standby time with one shipment. Designed for photography enthusiasts The Nokia 230 phone can become your own small camera that helps you capture wonderful Sylvie photos with ease. The 2 megapixel camera captures images of your surroundings with vibrant brightness, clarity and excellent sharpness. This camera also enables you to capture stunning Sylvie photos. Ideal size The Nokia 230 Dual SIM card has a 2.8 "LCD screen that provides you with bright, sharp and clear content. It also works on displaying images in beautiful and vibrant colors. Always keep in touch The Nokia phone offers you 230 very smooth web browsing experiences with Opera Mini. Search, find, watch and upload your favorite content online. Use USB 1.1 to transfer data from your device to your laptop or PC with ease. Activate the Bluetooth 3.0 connection when you transfer files between your phone and tablet so you can transfer data quickly without the need to use wires.
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Warranty 2 years
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colors Black
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