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Philips 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV - 49PUT7032

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the description: The Philips 49PUT7032 is a 49-inch intelligent LCD TV with a 4K Ultra HD display. Provides intelligent and easy access to functions. Eight million pixels are included in the screen along with the enhanced resolution technology to provide perfect picture quality. The Ultra HD display also offers excellent detail, pure unit and high resolution for the best picture quality. The TV has a very high-end design that adds elegant touches to your home décor and enhances its beauty. Pixel Plus Ultra HD drives the image quality perfectly for great detail. It also offers many features such as a sleep timer and a child lock that gives the user extra comfort. This TV is equipped with three HDMI ports and USB connectors. USB ports provide incredible access to digital content such as photos, videos, and music. HDMI connections allow you to synchronize your other multimedia devices with your TV and enjoy your favorite content without any hurdles or a wide range of wires. It also supports an Ethernet connection that allows you to access your favorite content on the Internet and broadcast it on your TV. The volume control unit ensures that there is no volume fluctuation when you change the channels, making it easier for you to change the sound repeatedly. The firmware in this system is automatically updatable, and can be updated via USB. the structure Philips Smartphone 49 Inch 4K Ultra Ultra HDL - Chassis Key Features Screen size: 49 inches Type: Smart TV Display Type: LED black color Weight: 12.5 kg Super visual experience Philips Smartphone 49 Inch 4K Ultra Ultra HDL The 49-inch 4-K Ultra HD display provides the user with a clear and clear cinematic experience The enhanced resolution technology improves accuracy and delivers high-quality content Increases 8 million pixels of depth perception and ensures smooth natural movement of images Bright colors and high brightness give perfect picture quality in general High efficiency connection Philips Smartphone 49 Inch 4K Ultra Ultra HDL Three HDMI ports include connectivity to other multimedia devices and easy access to your favorite content Contains two USB ports that enable you to access more digital media content such as photos, videos and music Supports Ethernet-LAN ​​connectivity to allow you to broadcast content over the Internet Sound factor Philips Smartphone 49 Inch 4K Ultra Ultra HDL Auto Volume controls volume control This TV controls audio output and ensures that no audio interference occurs while changing channels
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