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Philips 49 Inch LED Android TV Black - 49PUT680156

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the description: The Philips HD Android TV is equipped with advanced Amplitude technology as well as Natural Motion technology and the Android operating system to give you a powerful and beautiful performance. Whether it's the time of the family movie or the important day of the game you will be having with your friends; It's the first entertainment choice in your home; it's powered by a dual-core processor and Android operating system that enhances the efficiency and beauty of your screen images to a great extent; it improves your viewing experience by giving you a wide range of colors. In addition, the Philips LCD HDTV is equipped with AmpliLight technology, which makes the screen look larger, ensuring a very immersive viewing experience. The Philips HD Android TV supports ultra-high resolution, which guarantees you the opportunity to enjoy everything that is included in the visual display of vibrant detail. Thanks to Native Motion technology, Philips' Android TV doubles the refresh rate to 50 frames per second, ensuring you enjoy a very clear visual display; while MicroDiming works to increase the contrast of images displayed on the screen so you can enjoy the full details Your favorite visual display. the structure Philips Slim LCD TV Full HD Intelligent - Chassis Key Features Product weight 10.78 kg The screen brightness is 3840x2160 Measuring the screen (inch) 49 inches Number of USB 3 ports Number of HDMI ports 4 Brightness 300 lumens / m² Philips Ultra Slim High Definition HDTV Smart TV An infinite world of possibilities Philips TV Android comes with Android, which enables you to work on TV applications with a simple and intuitive interface Enjoy an innovative and easy-to-use experience like smartphones on your TV Powerful dual-core processor and Android operating system to provide you with high quality images Amplitude technology makes the screen look wider and larger The TV doubles the number of frames to 50 frames a second to give you very clear images Ultra-clear images let you enjoy the full visual presentation Philips Ultra Slim High Definition HDTV Smart TV Intelligent lifestyle Google Cast allows you to stream all videos, apps and games from your smart devices directly on your TV Dual core processor with Android OS to easily accomplish your various tasks Play the various games on your TV directly through Google Play Philips Ultra Slim High Definition HDTV Smart TV Elegant and graceful design Features a sleek and stylish design that suits your living room The high frame allows you to focus on the display instead of the frame shape Coaxial Stand You can enjoy the TV show from any angle product specification: • Screen size: 55 inches • black color • Display technology: 4K - LID • Resolution: 3840x2160 • Model Number: CH-UHD55D3902 / M
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