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Rotating tablet, with two screws

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Rotating tablet, with two screws
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the description: High level health spa waist massage tweak with manual balance belt Highlight: • This item is a multi-functional SMART connection cord with leakage rope, which combines the principles of vascular treatment, practice and magnetic therapy to produce a generally effective exercise system • It can give you both aerobic exercise and the nervous system of the heart to form the body and lose weight • The built-in 8 magnets on the twist disk can help boost the solis of your experience to improve blood circulation • It's really a great espcially fitness device suitable for home use product specification: • High-level waist twisting device • Equipped with pull rope, the waist twist disc plate can be used to help build a sculpted shape • This exercise system has a low impact on the posts, making it ideal for all ages • Create a magnetic wave • Elegant and fashionable appearance • Compact in structure for easy storage • Works on many parts of the body • Great for toning bell • Material: Durable hard plastic, magnet, rubber soft rubber and sponge High-level waist twisting machine is a new generation body building product which is developed based on high-level series of sports goods. IT has two effects: 1. By dent of the weight of the user, step by step on the massage mat that is designed by special materials. The sole of the foot can be simulated through and, through the O-terminal nerve conduction and the effect of magnetic therapy to awaken the engine power of the body device. 2. With the help of magnetic therapy to guide the waist in the left and right sides and the behavior of magnetic wave body round effect, the current electrical currents occur in the human body's flow. Excess fat and toxin can be removed from the human body (especially from waist and temples). Thos, can make you strong, handsom, and healthy. This product is safe and reliable is to use, compact in structure. IT has a stylish and facable appearance. It is suitable for family (Living Rom, Balkone, Patio, Garden). Public place (public park, gymnasium, sanatorium, hotels etc). Can be placed and used freely. Sports tools category: Sports collectibles Type: stretch straps Brand: Fitness World
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