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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Dual Sim - 32GB, 4G LTE A520 2017 Gold

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Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone features an eight-core processor inside, which gives you exceptional performance. Get the latest offers on your Samsung A5 here. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, a dual-chip smart phone, is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery that provides you with a long period of operating time without having to charge it repeatedly. This smart phone is powered by the Cortex A53 eight-core processor at 1.9 GHz, which gives you strong performance without interruption even while running multiple applications and tasks at the same time. The 64-bit CPU delivers every task to its full potential, giving you a very smooth user interface while maintaining energy efficiency. And if you're a fan of the games, it's the T830MP2 graphics processing unit that gives you stunning visual performance and smooth games for your favorite. Using ARM software, GPU increases frame rates per second (FPS) for almost all games, allowing you to enjoy and indulge in powerful gaming sessions on the move. When you add 3 gigabytes (GB) of RAM to the mix, you will know that this device is designed for intensive use. It has a 16 mega-pixel front and rear camera and a wide 1.9 / f lens, allowing you to take professional-quality photos even in low light conditions. It also features the perfect Shutter Optimized Shutter Shutter, which allows you to capture your photos without blurring or blurring. With Autofocus, you'll be able to capture those transient moments quickly and clearly before you miss. But what is the point of those memories that you pick up without having enough room to hold them? For this reason, the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone provides you with a very large 32GB internal storage memory, which you can expand to 256 GB by inserting a microSD memory card. So store all your favorite multimedia when you're traveling, all without having to carry any other storage device. This Samsung phone comes with a highly durable 3D rear glass with a remarkable 5.2 "screen, making it a very stylish design. This is why the exciting and attractive appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A701A5 dual-chip smart phone chipset. The harmonious back cover eliminates the appearance of the camera, giving the device a uniform and smooth shape with a harmonious design from all angles. Structure: Key Features Eight-core 1.9 GHz 3 GB RAM 32 GB 16 megapixel camera 16 Megapixel front camera 5.2 inches 157 grams 3000 mA Android < Parity between elegance and simplicity With Samsung A5 you will be able to save time and energy. And get essentials even without awakening the phone from sleep mode. You can always watch the calendar and watch when needed, thanks to the Always On Display feature. This smartphone also includes the Secure Folder feature, which allows you to keep sensitive data and applications that you choose securely with a security lock, to separate them from the usual contents on your device. When you make one-time authentication, this phone saves you the trouble of having to log in every time. Move your creativity to distant horizons The Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone features a 16 megapixel front and rear camera and a wide f / 1.9 lens. You can record videos with HD HD Full HD quality, or use HDR mode for professional images. You can enhance the images and colors you pick up the way you want by using camera filters to get amazing artwork for all your moments. < Superior protection Samsung Galaxy A 2017 A5, dual-chip smart connection, IP68 safety and security rating. It includes a strong and sturdy structure that can be relied upon on the move and whatever the flight requires. The robust handset structure gives you excellent protection against dust and humidity, which gives you the safety of your phone in most conditions.
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