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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual SIM - 64GB, 6GB RAM, 4G LTE N950 Maple Gold

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The Samsung Note 8 is stylishly designed in gold. Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual-touch phone will seamlessly connect the boundaries between you and your content to make you in tune with the world on the screen. This device has revolutionary design at home and abroad. The phone has been redesigned to penetrate the boundaries of your smartphone's screen, allowing you to see content seamlessly without any frame. This phone features easily carry in one hand. Take pictures of life as they happen with leading cameras installed on the Notte 8 phone. This device has a 12-pixel rear camera and a 8-pixel front camera that's fast and accurate, so you'll never miss a moment at night or day. All the images you take will remain safe from prying eyes as this phone uses an iris scan to enhance its security. The iris has unique and special styles for everyone, which means that your phone and its contents are only available to you. You can also use face recognition to open the phone in a blink. Never stop using Notte 8 even in the rain because it has the IP68 rating. This device has an 8-core CPU, 6 GB RAM, 64GB internal storage space and 4G 4th generation communication technology, giving you great performance in every sense of the word. Moreover, this phone has Bixby intelligence, which completely changes the way it interacts with your Notte 8 phone. Bixby is a personal assistant who understands text, talk and clicks. The Samsung GALAXYNOT 8 phone can open up new worlds for you. Key Features: Large screen for larger objects The Infiniti 6.3 "screen of Note 8 has 18.5: 9 aspect ratio to easily operate multiple tasks. Once Multi Window mode is turned on, you can open two applications at the same time. In addition, App Pairing enables you to open the two previous applications together with the click of a button. You'll now be able to listen to music while shopping online or reading comments. This screen is designed to fit menus so that your large phone screen can display more information. Whether you're going through social media pages or writing notes, you can see and do more without having to scroll too much because of the 18.5: 9 aspect ratio. Movie viewing will be more fun with the aspect ratio. In landscape mode, the Note 8 phone offers a 14% larger viewing space, compared to the 5 note, enabling you to have a richer experience that will attract you wherever you are. Extremely static Capture clear and crisp images with the Galaxy NUT 8 dual background camera. This is a f / 1.7 wide-angle lens that offers superb low-light shooting capabilities. This camera has a f / 2.4 telephoto lens with optical zoom twice to capture near and far images. The best part? Both lenses have the optical image stabilization feature to ensure excellent clarity regardless of the situation. Turn on the front camera and take silve photos or group pictures you want to share. The bright lens maintains clarity of detail even in low light while Smart Auto Focus tracks the faces in the shot. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Samsung GALAXYNOT 8 phone is fast and powerful. This device features a 10 nm mobile processor with 6 GB random access memory for richly-visual games or switching between applications. Everything is happening quickly and smoothly on the NUT 8. With Vulkan API gaming you will be able to play fast. ABI makes quick connections between computing and graphics for smooth performance that does not drain the battery. Pen - writing accurately Look for a pen whenever you feel inspired. Since mobile phones are always with us, it makes sense for you to give you an 8-pin N-Pen phone. This pen is characterized by a 0.7 mm tip which enables you to draw and write accurately. If you need to perform revisions, simply click on the button installed on the side to turn the pen into an eraser. Finally, a stylus has 4096 compression levels, allowing it to accurately respond to each touch to improve control while drawing or taking notes.
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Warranty SM-N950FZDDXSG
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