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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Dual Sim - 64GB, 4G LTE G955 Orchid Gray

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus features a 12 megapixel camera with a dual pixel sensor for vibrant images. You can find the Samsung Galaxy's fourth-generation phone in its elegant golden style. Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus is a different device in every sense of the word. It has the world's first 10nm CPU, a frameless display, an iris-opening device, a waterproof and dusty structure, and many advanced and innovative technologies that give you a very smart phone experience. This great device gives you the ability to switch between multiple tasks very quickly without any delay or delay. This smartphone has a large internal storage capacity of up to 64 GB, allowing you to store a huge amount of your data in a safe and easy place. This Samsung phone supports the option of connecting to 4G LTE, which allows you to browse the Internet and download and download content at very high speeds. This smartphone includes Bixby Personal Voice Assistant, which will become your new friend you'll love interacting with. This device is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera with a dual-pixel sensor, which provides you with everything you need to capture landscapes and landscapes in the best images without any distortion or confusion. Directories Features: 155 grams Eight-core (quad-core 2.3 GHz quad-core 1.7 GHz) 64 GB Two pieces touch 12 megapixel rear camera 8 megapixel front camera 5.8 inches 4 GB of RAM 3500 amperes Android 7.0 Without a frame The Samsung Galaxy S8 will put you in the middle of events on its screen. It has an infinite screen without a frame, making the screen look bigger than it is, so enjoy and enjoy a full viewing while watching. With no additional restrictions during multiple tasks and the number of traffic times, you will be fully aware of the magnificence of the device you carry in your hand. Despite the large size, this device looks smaller and fits comfortably with your palm, making it easy to use with one hand. The screen size is 5.8 inches and displays the contents vividly, vividly and accurately, up to 1440 * 2960 pixels. superior performance Samsung Galaxy is the fourth generation of the global competition in the smallest 10-nm processor. Thanks to this CPU, along with 4 GB of RAM, the device will be able to run applications and games with intense graphics easily. This combination also enhances battery performance, saving you a longer operating cycle than usual. This device works on Android OS 7.0 Noga and the Bixby Smartphone Bixby audio assistant, which gives you a new and fun way to interact with your phone. Samsung Galaxy Dual SIM is equipped with an effective 3000 mAh battery with fast charging, allowing you to charge your device at high speed without the hassle of wiring. Amazing Cameras Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will give you some of the best advanced digital cameras. This device has a 12-megapixel rear camera with an image stabilizer, a dual-pixel sensor, and a large f / 1.7 slot. This camera illuminates the dark background and brings you hidden details, which let you take pictures at their best as if they were in daylight. With an 8-megapixel front camera and f / 1.7 feature and autofocus feature, you'll know you'll get great silhouettes all the time. You'll be able to capture a large number of images and record your videos using 64 GB internal storage, so call goodbye to the "insufficient storage" alert message. This device has a hybrid slot that allows you to replace your second SIM card with up to 256 GB microSD microSD memory. To meet all your data storage, Pixby Personal Assistant will change your way of interacting with the Samsung Galaxy S8 completely. This feature works as your voice assistant, which understands text, speech, and click, so you will not be tied to a single connection. This personal audio assistant also gives you a revolutionary search method. You will not even have to ask the question. Just review what you want to help with Bixby Bixby by running the Camera app. It's very easy.
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