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Sauna Suit For Men and Women Size XL

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Sauna Suit For Men and Women Size XL
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the description: Sauna Suit for Men and Women are designed to ensure minimal air flow is allowed in or out of the suit creating a rise in temperature within the Sauna Suit known as the sauna effect.   · Sauna Suit ensures quick weight loss results while creating a comfortable durable fit. · Wearing the Sauna Suit in any form of physical activity will cause an increase in your body temperature causing your body to sweat. · The sauna effect the Sauna Suit creates will generate water weight loss but more importantly will increase your metabolism and calorie burning. · This will allow you to maximize your weight loss results during exercise. · Sauna Suit is designed for both Men and Women and suit all sizes. · The Sauna Suit is used by top sports athletes to the everyday person aiming to lose weight quickly. · Material: Soft Water proof vinyl fabric, retains heat, moisture that makes you sweat
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