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SkyWorth 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Android Smart TV - 50U5

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Specifications The brand is Kai Worth Smart TV Remote Control LHD 4K Ultra HD read more the description: The Skyworth 50U5 TV is an intelligent LCD TV. It also has a 50-inch screen that supports the quality of 4K Ultra HD. The TV is powered by Android 6.0 and can be updated via USB, Internet or wireless download. This TV is equipped with multiple USB ports and one LAN port, enhancing communication. This TV has Wi-Fi support. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight. The Noise Reduction feature provides high quality images with stunning depth and detail. This TV has a wide range of image modes such as user mode, camera, sports or bright colors. You can also adjust the image display size to Automatic or Normal. It also allows you to zoom in or get a panoramic view. In addition, this TV has automatic volume control, to keep the volume level and make it easier to reset when changing channels. As with visual effects, sound effects also come with a number of different modes - rock, pop, direct and classic. It also features surround sound control. In addition, the sound equalizer provides a sound balance, which in turn gives you high quality sound. This TV also features additional features such as baby lock, subtitles, favorite channel list, channel editor and sleep timer. These options provide the user additional comfort while using the TV. The TV also offers one-touch control and steering control. the structure 50 - Inch Ultra Smart HD 4 - Inch LCD HDTV - Chassis Key Features Screen size: 50 inches Type: Smart TV Display Type: LED black color Weight: 12.7 kg Perfect picture Smart TV 50 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth 4K Ultra HD support works to enrich the user's viewing experience. Automatically adjust the backlight with the ambient light sensor Photo modes like user, movie, sports The image can be displayed in automatic or normal mode, or can be enlarged or displayed in panoramic mode. High sound quality Smart TV 50 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth The volume control automatically controls and adjusts audio output Sound modes such as rock and pop, direct and classic mode Balance the high-resolution sound from the sound balancer for the best sound quality possible Amazing connection Smart TV 50 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth The Andorod operating system is updatable through USB or Internet or wireless connection Multiple USB ports make it easy for the user to broadcast content from phone to TV Built-in Wi-Fi support allows the user to broadcast favorite content online
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