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Skyworth 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV - 55U5

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the description: Skyworth's 55U5 TV is an intelligent LED TV. It also has a 55-inch screen with support for high quality 4K Ultra HD. As well as HDR technology that offers a great viewing experience. This TV increases the brightness carefully to fit well with the brilliant color displayed, giving you high-definition picture quality. This TV supports Android 7.0 and also has the built-in chrome built-in feature. Chrome Cast allows you to stream content on your mobile devices to your TV screen at full speed for a high quality photo experience. The Android OS of this TV is also updatable. You can easily turn on this TV with the Bluetooth voice control feature. With this feature, you can simply give a voice command to the TV so you can get to what you want right away. This feature also supports multiple languages. Skyworth TV works with a quad-core A53 V8 processor that runs the system perfectly. This TV enables you to have a strong Internet connection, with built-in Wi-Fi and LAN support. HDMI enables the user to connect the TV to other multimedia devices and access more digital content, such as photos, videos and music. In addition, it provides the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 support to enable you to access USB flash memory content. In addition, this TV is also equipped with a digital video recorder feature. the structure Smart TV 55 - Inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth - Chassis Key Features Screen size: 55 inches Type: Smart TV Display Type: LED black color The picture is as it is. Smart TV 55 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth High-quality 4K Ultra HD support helps to show images naturally and enrich the user's viewing experience. HDR technology offers a high level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen, giving you more realistic images. High brightness and deep spot colors provide the perfect picture quality for the best viewing experience. Intelligent Control Smart TV 55 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth Remote Control allows you to remotely control the TV using Bluetooth. Audio instructions can be given to the TV to move around and to find the desired channel or file. It also supports multiple languages ​​for convenient use. Quick access Smart TV 55 inch 4K Ultra HDD from Skyworth The built-in Chrome Premium feature enables Skyworth TV to access files on your phone very easily. The send button in the application synchronizes the contents of the device with the TV that can be easily broadcast on the TV.
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