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Sony 40 Inch Full HD LED Standard TV - KLV-40R352E

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the description: Watch your favorite shows and movies all day on the standard KLV-40R352E TV. It consumes up to 39 watts of power during operation and enters the power-saving mode to control power consumption, giving you freedom and well-being that lasts long hours. Sony's standard LCD TV features a stunning 40-inch LCD HDTV to provide you with the most vivid images without interference, while Dolby Digital's powerful speakers deliver high-definition audio output. The multi-audio and video modes of the 40-inch Sony LCD TV allow you to personalize your TV and watch it as you like. In addition, it comes with a Motion Graphics 100 Hartz technology that enhances the clarity of each image separately, giving you the luxury of watching sports games and fast motion movies and video games without interference or inconvenience. The HDMI and USB ports add more distinction and power to the Sony HDL TV. the structure Sony Satellite TV - Normal Structure Key Features Screen size: 40 inches Type: Regular TV Display Type: LED black color Weight: 6.9 kg Sony ld tv Amazing visuals The 40-inch LCD screen offers you a stunning visual experience with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The Resolution Optimizer also reduces image blurring and contrast enhancement to add more depth and detail to images and make them closer to reality. LifeColor technology adds vibrant color to vibrant colors, while dynamic contrast enhancer automatically adjusts contrast settings according to ambient ambience, ensuring the best visual quality possible. MotionFlash 100Hz comes to enhance the quality of individual images and ensure smooth viewing and transition between dynamic scenes. Sony ld tv Strong voice The stunning 5-watt Sound-To-Dolce Digital speakers provide unrivaled sound quality, allowing you to keep track of your conversations and tones to the fullest detail. The Open Pavel amplifiers come with a touch of depth to the sound to match the finest moments. Sony ld tv To ensure your convenience The HDMI port comes to give you the perfect way to connect various video devices, from game players to Blu-ray players and many other sources of entertainment and entertainment. The USB port allows you to connect USB-compatible devices such as flash, storage and other devices to the TV and enjoy viewing the content on a large TV without delay. This is in addition to the snooze timer which allows you to set the time of the TV transition to the snooze mode automatically, and the TV consumes no more than 39 watts of electricity during operation, in addition to the energy saving mode that saves you a lot of money from the costs of electricity bills. Except for a built-in FM radio that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations.
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