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TCL 65 Inch 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV Golden Metallic Frame - 65P2US

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the description: The 65-inch 65-inch Smart TV 65P2US TV features an ultra-high-definition Android 4 LED display with an ultra-slim design that enhances and adds the elegance of a room. Your Living, Get it now from The 65k2US Smart 65 LED TV T65 65P2US Android Smart LED TV sets new standards in image clarity, performance and smart performance. It is equipped with a quad-core processor that delivers outstanding performance while providing excellent energy efficiency. This TV has a built-in dual-channel Wi-Fi feature that lets you explore applications with unparalleled speed. With high resolution up to 3840 x 2160 pixels, the intelligent TCL TV can make everything look vibrant. In addition, it is equipped with Dolby audio technology, which provides a rich surround sound. It also features a Natural Light Engine 2 that optimizes the accuracy of the backlight adjustment to reduce the cause of damage to the user's eyes, which means you can enjoy high-quality images without overloading your eyes. In addition to its very high design that gives it a stylish and modern look. In addition, the sophisticated rear design of this TV prevents heat collection even in a sunny area for long-term use. Key Features Number of HDMI ports: 3 ports Smart TV: Yes Integrated WiFi feature: Yes Screen size: 65 inches Resolution: 3840 × 2160 Weight: 20.3 kg HDR technology ready 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD The HDR technology can provide all the details on the screen with better clarity and color contrast. The P1US technology delivers high-resolution color with vibrant colors when you play different contents by connecting your USB device. A sophisticated and modern device 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD Equipped with a 64-bit quad-core 53A CPU that can perform every task required of it with great efficiency. The MALI450 six-core graphics processor provides enough power for the TV to perform tasks with the best quality and deliver the best video display. The DDR3 RAM with a capacity of 1.5 GB and 8GB of flash memory play a significant role in the robust performance and high efficiency of applications. The 64-bit M-Star MEMC chip and TCL software enable you to experience all the details when viewing content quickly. Images mimic reality 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD The HD screen resolution makes all TV shows and movies look more realistic than ever before. In addition to the color gradient and dynamic contrast ratio that enhance the viewing experience and make it more enjoyable. Its wide view angles up to 176 degrees to get a clear view from anywhere in the room. Unlimited entertainment 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD In addition, it has been equipped with many applications such as YouTube YouTube, YupTV, Icflix, GoLive, allowing you to explore a great treasure of useful information and entertainment videos. The nScreen application allows you to share photos and videos to view different content on a large TV screen by allowing you to use your tablet or smartphone as a remote control. The App Store offers a wide range of applications for gaming, various social networking devices, the ability to listen to music and much more. The sport mode allows you to enjoy the pictures and sounds to give you an experience and you sit in the playground and are comfortable in your living room. An immersive audio experience 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD The Dolby decoder works to improve the TV sound quality to a higher level than before. The Bluetooth audio feature lets you share your favorite movies and music with a great voice with your family and friends, plus it allows you to connect your smart devices with this TV to enjoy music via your TV's speakers. Leading communication options in their field 65KHz Smart TV LCD TV with Ultra-HD Android 4 HD This TV is equipped with two HDMI 2.0 ports and a 4K feature that increases screen resolution and increases the speed of data transfer. It also offers exceptional audio and video quality. It also offers dual-channel Wi-Fi access so you can connect to the Internet faster to enjoy the content you want to display when you access the YouTube application or application store.
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