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Touch by Burberry for Men - Eau de Toilette, 100ml

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The Barberry Touch Men's fragrance gives you an unrivaled distinction to give your personality unique benefits and elevate your personality. The fragrance blends the musk and the scent of flowers to give you a long lasting sense of sensation; it is ideal for men looking for elegance and uniqueness. The ingredients of perfume are mixed with violet violet leaves with mandarin orange; medium ingredients of nutmeg, white pepper, cedar and raspberry, and the fragrance base of white musk and Indian grass with tuna to make your senses feel unforgettable. The fragrance is available in a 100 ml bottle with a Pythore lining design. The upper components of the " Combine the top ingredients between the veneer and the violet to give you a manly smell plus a sweet touch of mandarin orange to give your mood great comfort.The Central Components of the " The middle ingredients of the Barberry fragrance include nutmeg, which gives the fragrance an oriental touch with a blend of sandalwood and pepper to give the fragrance a touch of warmth. The fragrance is suitable for all occasions you wish to go. Components of the base Š Š Š Ø Ø '' 'Š Š Š Ø Ø' '± Ø Ø Ø Ù "" Men's fragrance will give you a distinctive charisma. Al-Qaeda blends the tuna with Indian grass and white musk; tuna attracts you everywhere, while musk improves your mood. And with the Indian berry to give a masculine touch to the fragrance base.
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