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The Terms of Use are a clear agreement between Souq Time and customers so we assure you that we strive to maintain your confidence in us

Registration on our site

You have the right to register as a customer through our website or our applications. You must be eligible to reach your legal age, provide basic information such as name and provide a valid address in Saudi Arabia to receive your orders and for easy registration. If you want to be a seller with us, your products must be 100% original, in addition to full transparency and disclosure because you will be a successful partner for success with us.

Confirmation of the purchase process:

Your order is confirmed either by direct contact or by sending a link to your registered mobile phone. Your confirmation of the order is an agreement to complete the purchase and agree to all terms of use.


We are committed to the full disclosure of the product information to the customer, either through the description of the product or through the advertisement attached to the product and we have the right in case the product cannot be made to cancel the purchase order without the responsibility of us, either by direct contact the customer to identify him or through Notice.

Product Price:

The price of the product is identical to the price of the site or the price of the advertisement attached to the product. In case of offers, the price is valid for the duration of the offer and we have the right to modify the prices before the expiry of the offer period, indicating that the customer did not complete the purchase without the responsibility of us for delay in the confirmation of the request in case of lack of access to the client.


We provide easy and secure payment methods to the customer and we are entitled to order payment of part or all of the value of the order before shipping it to the customer and this is different according to different products or as we see appropriate for that.


We guarantee to the customer first that the product displayed is 100% genuine and the warranty is on the product and not its accessories. The warranty is valid according to the nature of each product and the warranty conditions.

Force majeure:

As is known, for example, but not limited to fires, earthquakes, civil or military power, customs, energy shortages or war... etc., is a force beyond our control which may result in suspension or delay in the provision of our services Which does not hold us responsible for this, however, we will do our best to provide the best service to the customer.

Limitation of liability:

We do not undertake any obligations resulting from the delay in delivery of the order or its loss prior to delivery to the customer. We do not assume any liability if the product is used in a harmful or incorrect manner. In the event of damage or damage to the products before or during the return to us, the client must provide proof that the shipment was delivered to the shipping company without damage, and in this case we send a product or alternative shipment to the customer.


The registration of the customer in our website as a consent to receive electronic alerts and text of promotions and discounts and exclusive products and the customer can cancel the activation of this service through the link contained in the e-mail sent to him.

Scope of the law:

These terms are subject to and binding in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the interpretation of the provisions accordingly.